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We firmly believe that "fortune favors the prepared mind." That's why we are strong advocates of holistic wealth planning. Our approach extends beyond conventional investment management because it's deeply personal. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, values, and unique circumstances. By actively guiding you, we create and implement financial strategies that benefit your family, loved ones, and causes you care about.

Holistic wealth planning is a dynamic process that requires monitoring and periodic updates. Our software allows us to see your complete financial picture, develop financial strategies, and provide timely recommendations. Through comprehensive reports and 24/7 online access, you will be able to see your progress and know precisely where you are now on your path towards reaching your goals.



We believe that nobody should pay more in taxes than necessary. We will navigate you through various tax situations and suggest strategies that will mitigate your tax liability over time and help you keep more of your income.

Wealth Protection

We place significant emphasis on wealth protection and risk management. By working closely with you, we'll identify underlying risks in your financial life and create a strategy to protect your assets and secure your family's financial future.

Trust & Estate

Estate planning is about people and things you care about. We will help you to put instructions around what happens to it when you are not there and create a wealth transfer strategy so you can influence your legacy and leave more to your heirs and causes your care about.

Charitable Planning

There is nothing more rewarding than giving back and helping others. To help you leave a long-lasting legacy and amplify its reach, we will develop a charitable giving strategy for your unique needs that will maximize the impact of your generosity.

Financial Planning

A well-designed financial plan is a compass that will guide you on a road towards achieving your goals. We will analyze your current financial situation and future cash flows in order determine how you can meet your financial and retirement goals.

Investment Management

Our investment approach starts with helping you envision the lifestyle you aspire to achieve. With this vision in mind, we create customized, low-cost, diversified, and fully risk aligned strategies, including direct indexing, to support your retirement lifestyle and thrive in any market condition.

Retirement Planning

As retirement approaches, your financial focus transitions from accumulation to decumulation planning. We'll collaborate with you to model different scenarios and craft an effective distribution strategy aimed at minimizing taxes and the risk of depleting your funds prematurely.

 Healthcare Planning

Healthcare is a major financial concern and can impact your legacy if not managed well. We'll review your current health plans and expenses, help you choose the best Medicare option, and develop a strategy that will protect your wealth from unexpected out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is essential for providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. From life insurance to disability insurance and beyond, we will evaluate your risks and develop a customized insurance strategy designed to shield you and your family from unforeseen events.


Our Legacy-Driven Process

Getting Organized

We'll send you a secured link to provide us with a list documents to kick off the planning process. Once received, we'll gather the details we need to take your plan to the next stage and also help you get your financial information in good order.

The Investment Collaboration Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for us to understand your investment goals and priorities as well as any biases and feelings you may have towards or against certain types of investments. Collaboratively, we'll go through each investment type, discuss all of the pros and cons, fees and expenses, and answer all of your questions.

Brainstorm Strategies

We'll model out your financial situation and identify strategies and tactics to consider in order to find the best way to reach your goals. 








The Beliefs & Vision Conversation

You talk, we listen - this key meeting is all about you. We'll ask you about what and who you care about, learn about your values, and what is it that you really want to achieve. Understanding you as a person, your goals, and values, will allow us to provide you with a better and tailored advice.

The Explore Possibilities Meeting

We'll introduce you to your financial portal and run some tentative financial scenarios. You will see what the future could hold and what adjustments could realistically be made to the path you're on.

The Plan Presentation Meeting

You'll receive a detailed overview of your financial life and specific recommendations and actions to take now to achieve your investment goals, transfer unnecessary risks, and leave a long-lasting legacy.

1. Investment Decisions

2. Asset Protection

3. Estate Planning

Monitoring & Ongoing Care

Our financial planning process is a work in progress that needs to be adjusted based on your life changes. We will continue to meet regularly in order to keep you accountable, monitor your progress, and make adjustments as needed.


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