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Portrait of Bahdan Yakavenka
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I came to the U.S. in 2004 with $600 in my pocket to pursue the American dream. Aspired to travel and explore the country, I continued to support my family back home. After 2 years of adventures, which included becoming a snowboarding and surfing instructor, I began my studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, majoring in Finance and Accounting. While at university, I also played soccer and met my future wife, Vera. After graduation, I accepted an offer to work in investing and trading field, where I hoped to gain practical experience in the world of finance. This is where I learned how capital allocation and risk management came together in financial planning.


During my career, I managed groups and portfolios at two different hedge funds, which ultimately led me to start my own hedge fund. Additionally, I worked in corporate finance at a large bank and Fortune 500 company where I learned about budgeting and forecasting.

While at work, I am passionate about helping clients to grow their wealth in a tax-efficient manner.  My goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive financial plan that would allow them to dedicate their time and energy to the things that matter most to them. Outside of work, I am a firm believer that “health is the new wealth” and finished multiple marathons, triathlons, and a Half IronMan. I also organized multiple climbing expeditions to Mt. Rainier.

My wife Vera and I live in Lake Forest, Illinois and have hands full with our 3 sons: Timothy, Andrew, and Anthony. As a huge proponent in early investment planning and the power of education, each child is enrolled in a 529 plan. They enjoy my personal finance lectures almost as much as kicking soccer balls in the living room.


I am passionate about ongoing education and self improvement. In 2015, I became a CFA® charterholder - the industry's one of the most prestigious designations to earn.

Favorite Quote

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." – Benjamin Franklin

Bahdan Yakavenka - Associate Financial Planner

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