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Lestna Retirement is a CEFEX-certified financial services company that provides holistic wealth planning services to individuals and families who are passionate about charitable giving. We create personalized financial and estate planning strategies that protect your wealth from unnecessary risks and ensure that it's transferred to your heirs and charities in a tax-efficient manner. 

We are a small company, but our size is our advantage. We know our clients by name, not by a number. You will be treated like a human and when you need help, you call us and not a call center or a robot. Since 2019, Lestna Retirement has been CEFEX-certified, which demonstrates our fiduciary excellence and conformity to high professional standards of conduct in the investment management industry.


Praying hands on a white background with a circle on top

Be Grateful

We appreciate working for our clients and focus our time and efforts to help make their lives even better.

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Be Transparent

We believe in a relationship that is built on honesty, respect, and trust. We put the needs and interests of our clients always first.

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Be Generous

We believe in the power of giving and adopted a philosophy of helping others without an expectation of getting anything in return. Lestna donates 5% of its profit to various charities and is committed to increase that number in the future.

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Sincere Yet Decisive

We communicate with clients candidly and tell them not what they want to hear but what they need to hear. We then guide them along the way.

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Bring Joy

In the end, it’s not just about money. It’s about living a fulfilling life. We believe that your time with Lestna should be just that.



Life-Centric Approach

Based on personalization, collaboration, and fulfillment  






Empower You

Speak Less - Listen More

Tailored Advice

Navigate With You


Your steer, we guide

Elicit information, not convey it

Tailor strategies to your goals

Through all critical financial events 

Helping you stay on track for greater effectiveness


photo of Vitaly Novok

Vitaly Novok, AIF®, CRPS®
Founder | Fiduciary Financial Advisor 
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Photo of Bahdan Yakavenka

Bahdan Yakavenka, CFA®
Fiduciary Financial Advisor
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