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Last Will and Testament: What Is It & 7 Crucial Reasons You Need to Have One

In this video, Vitaly is expanding on a topic of estate planning and talking about Last Will and Testament, also know as a will. He believes that a will is the core document of an estate plan and should be adopted as soon as possible. A will is a legal documents that states how to distribute assets after one passes away. However, a will is much more than that. It is a great way to protect minor children, ensure a smooth transition of business assets, and ease the grieving process for loved ones. If you are still not sure what a will is and why you need one, here are seven crucial reasons for you to consider.

7 Reasons to Have a Will

  1. Protect your assets and distribute them in accordance with your wishes

  2. Disinherit certain people

  3. Assign legal guardians for your minor children

  4. Expedite the estate process

  5. Reduce estate taxes

  6. Provide instructions for your digital assets

  7. Support your charity

Watch the video to learn more what a will must cover and how to create one.



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