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Second Stimulus Check Update - House Passed HEROES Act

In this video, Vitaly talks about the HEROES Act, a new $3 trillion stimulus package aimed to provide additional assistance and reliefs to individuals, businesses, and government entities that was passed by the House of Representatives on Friday. He also covers the second stimulus check and other keys provisions, such as:

  • Extension of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

  • Extension to existing student loan payments

  • Student loan forgiveness

  • Forgiveness of the bill proposed to cancel up to $10,000 in student debt

  • Direct stimulus check payments to Americans,

  • Housing assistance to renters and homeowners to prevent evictions and foreclosures

  • Hazard pay premium for essential and vital workers

  • $75 billion in coronavirus testing, plus making coronavirus testing FREE for ALL Americans

  • $1 trillion in assistance for local and state governments who lost revenue due to the coronavirus shutdowns

  • 15% increase in SNAP food benefits

  • Additional assistance to the USPS

The biggest uncertainty with the HEROES Act and stimulus check second round whether the Senate votes and passes the bill and the President signs it into law. As of now, both oppose the second coronavirus stimulus package. Thus, it is remains unclear when and whether at all millions of Americans will receive the so much needed second stimulus check and other financial reliefs.



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