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What is a Health Care Proxy?

A living will alone is already a powerful estate document that can take the burden of making tough medical decisions about your health off the shoulders of your family. But it is very limited in scope and not very flexible. By adopting a health care proxy, you can make your end-of-line planning even more controllable.

A health care proxy, also known as a durable medical power of attorney, is a legal document in which you name someone to act as your health care agent, and grant authority to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to speak for yourself. Depending on a state you live in, a health care can be a part several documents combined into an advance directive.

Creating a health care proxy is very easy and, in many cases, your create one with the help of estate planning software or by adopting your state’s template. Here’s link to each state’s template.

Naming your health care agent is probably the most difficult part. You need to pick someone who you know very well and trust. Considering the level of responsibility your agent will assume not many people are ready to be someone’s agent.

Watch Vitaly's new video to learn more about health care proxies and how to pick your health care agent. Also, you will learn about important limitations of health care proxies and why it is important to update both your living will and a health care proxy periodically.

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